Eighteen years ago, most of us remember being in school or making our way to our 9-5’s when the United States of America was under attack on September 11, 2001, known as 9/11. However, some of music’s most popular artist may have remembered this day much differently.

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Mariah Carey, JAY-Z, and Fabolous all dropped albums on this historical day. Rapper, Fabolous made history with the release of his album Ghetto Fabolous. His debut made it to #4 album on the Billboard 200 selling 143,180 copies in its first week. This album is his highest-charted album to date.

Fabolous who at the time was 23 years old remembers 9/11 stating “I remember that morning I woke up and got a phone call saying that all of our promo plans for the album were canceled and I didn’t know why. JAY-Z dropped The Blueprint album the same day, so I was like, ‘Ahhh JAY-Z sabotaged us.’ But it was the 9/11 tragedy.”


Fabolous’ “Can’t Deny It” music video featuring the late great Nate Dogg, which was already on-air prior to 9/11, made it into the number one spot on MTV because of the patriotic stars, flags, colors represented in the video. The video picked up on the charts because of the representation of patriotism during a devastating time in America.

Hov dropped his 6th studio album, The Blueprint on 9/11 and made history as his best album to date. The Blueprint garnered tons of accolades such as Rolling Stones best album of the decade and top 500 greatest albums of all time.

Jay recalls exactly where he was stating, “I flew to L.A. I was shooting a video for a song called ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’” he began. “I’d dropped my album ‘The Blueprint’ on the same day. And I just remember waking up in LA and thinking everybody was playing, like ‘That can’t be,’ then turning on the TV and it looked like something from one of those apocalyptic movies.”

Mariah Carey made history on September 11th for dropping her 8th studio project and WORST album to date, Glitter.

Glitter served as the soundtrack to her first feature film (which was equally as bad), in which she experimented with a new sound that just didn’t fit her talents. Glitter sold over 1,000,000 units however the album still managed to be Carey’s lowest-selling project to date.