In a bit of disappointing news, the highly anticipated collaboration between Fantasia and  R&B powerhouses Jazmine Sullivan and Brandy will never see the light of day.  In an interview, Fantasia revealed that the song has been shelved due to industry politics.

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“They are my favorite. They give me chill-bumps, and it was something that I really wanted to happen,” Fantasia said. “Unfortunately, it did not go through. But that is okay! Next time!”

She also said that when you are doing what you want instead of the majority wants it can be met with a bit of pushback but she is used to it. “There’s politics to this, and when you’re doing something independent and you’re stepping out against the grain sometimes storms and tests will come. But I’m used to the rain, so I’m okay!”


Fantasia announced the triple threat would be teaming up earlier this year via Instagram live. She says, “I wanted to kind of reach back and touch some different eras when it came to that girl group. I was like, wouldn’t it be dope if we had a girl group where it was Jazmine, Fantasia, and Brandy? Let’s just put it on an album.”

Fantasia’s album Sketchbook is set to be released on October 11.