Disney+ is gearing up to be one pretty interesting venture, especially with all the original shows and throwback series expected to be on the streaming service at launch time. One of the standout shows making a return is the ’90s Fox Kids cartoon X-Men: The Animated Series, along with a few other Marvel Comics classics.

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In just a few months time, subscribers of the Disney+ service will be able to stream the fan-favorite 1992 X-Men cartoon from the jump, along with Iron Man and Fantastic Four from 1994, The Incredible Hulk from 1996 and Silver Surfer: The Animated Series from 1999 amongst others. It looks like our favorite web-slinging superhero from Queens will be shown the most love though, as shows like the 1979 Spider-Woman series, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends from 1981, Spider-Man Unlimited from 1999, plus the 1994 and 1981 versions of Spider-Man will all be streaming on Disney+ as well. More shows are expected to be announced soon as well, including DuckTales, Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles — fingers crossed on that last one! — so be prepared to end the year experiencing some serious childhood nostalgia.

Disney+ officially launches on November 12 and will cost you $6.99 USD per month or $69.99 USD per year.