When Courtney Kemp Agboj teased fans last year that Angela Valdez will be back for the final season of Power, fans of the hit show celebrated. She is a well-beloved character and few people wanted to see her leave the series. However after the first episode of the season, when Angela was gunned down so violently by Joseph Sikora’s character, Tommy, many felt duped by Kemp. Angela came back but for 5 minutes and then she was slumped.

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With egg on our collective faces, we moved on mourning Lela Loren’s exit from the show.


But hold your horses and wipe yoke off your brow!

During last Sunday’s episode, fans were treated to her unexpected return… sorta.

Angela is back in Ghost’s life… as an actual ghost. He is haunted by the woman that he loves and she is guilting him into making some really dumb moves on episode 5. One thing is that she was egging him on to kill Tommy.

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She goes, “You say you feel guilty for what happened to me. So why is Tommy still alive?”

That’s a good question. Answer: BECAUSE TOMMY ACTUALLY MAKES THE SHOW ANGELA!!!!

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