The NBA. looks like they will crack down on tampering in the next upcoming season.

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ESPN reports that league officials have issued a memo to teams proposing a $10 million fine to punish teams found to be in violation of tampering. Furthermore, the memo lists proposals that address a variety of other issues that currently plague the league along with the “widespread perception that many of the league’s rules are being broken on a frequent basis.”


These new proposed fines are meant to reflect the revenue growth that the NBA has seen since the last time fine ceilings were determined in 1996. In that 23-year span, league revenue has increased by 600 percent while the franchise value has grown by 1,100 percent.

Teams can receive a fine upwards of $6 million if they engage in an unauthorized deal with a player, who could also be subjected to a $250,000 fine. Statements or conduct detrimental to the NBA could be met with a $5 million fine, a substantial upswing from the previous ceiling of $1 million.

Tampering became a hot topic again this summer after several deals—including Kevin Durant’s four-year deal with Brooklyn—hit the media within minutes of teams legally being allowed to negotiate them, while most of the free agency was finished within 24 hours. By league rules, players and teams were not allowed to negotiate until 6 pm ET on June 30th yet many deals were done shortly after the period opened.

The league seems to be taking these tampering issues more seriously for the small market teams and also to protect the integrity of the sport.