Ladies… just in case you ever wondered anything about T.I.’s sex life, Adam Corolla has opened up a pandora’s box… sharing a little about the Trap King’s bedroom game.

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Tip came on The Adam Corolla Podcast to promote his new podcast ExpediTIously on Apple and wound up promoting a little more.

Off the back, T.I. explained to his fan what “B.D.E.” means.


“It is all about what’s in you and not what’s on you.” The Atlanta rapper started to say. “Nowadays, ugly guys they are very confident. Especially if you got, big d*ck energy. It exudes.”

“You can trace all kinds of b*tch ass activities from guys down to d*ck size.”

When they asked him if he could endorse a B.D.E. energy drink, T.I. declined to answer.

Adam and his other co-hosts shifted the conversation to porn with an emphasis on them watching men, measuring their sizes and imagining that it is them in the movie. T.I. could not co-sign. He said he doesn’t pay attention them, but focuses on the girls.

“Usually when I’m watching I have my own sh*t going on. Its kinda like I’m in competition with the porn,” the ATL rapper responded.

Adam said that he prefers to watch porn by himself, but TIP likes to have a little company… a little lady.

“Well, only a chosen few. A select group. It’s a steady group.”

The interview starts at 49:00.