Young Lyonne released his self-directed/edited/produced music video to his single, “With My Baby”. The single off his latest EP recounts a relationship that was in between lovers and something more. By using all that he’s learned about production from the NY Performing Arts Academy, Young Lyonne leads a team of models/NYC-socialites across an emotional journey.

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“I’ll treat you like a queen like Beyonce, you got me going crazy on my Kanye, promise me you’ll never leave me like Ariana Grande, I can go on all day” the Hip-Hop/RnB pours his heart out on the track in the name of true love.

The Caribbean-American NYC artist can be found packing out venues like SOBs and Bowery Electric, touching base with fans in colleges from St. Johns U to SUNY Albany, or at his home in Queens – creating more ballads and triumphant tracks for the world to hear.


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