Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff is about to get his story told but it won’t be told by Murder Inc as long as 50 Cent is alive.

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Irv Gotti has been working to rebrand the legendary record label and announced new projects are underway. He stopped by The Outlawz Radio Show and announced he’s working on the Supreme Team flick with Jamie Foxx attached to it. “We’ve got Jamie Foxx committed, signed on, playing Supreme,” he said. However, 50 Cent caught wind of the news and shared on Instagram, “Not as long as I’m alive.”


Fif also wrote, “This sh*t isn’t even set up at a studio, stop using Jamie name.I talk to him already you can f*cking forget about it Buck O. ? Y’all not even from South Side, get the f*ck outta here. I’m doing that story with Bimmy at STARZ. LOL get ya weight up.”

McGriff and Murder Inc. have a close relationship dating back to 2003 after Irv funded the Crime Partners movie and the Kenyatta series. Once McGriff got into law enforcement’s radar, Murder Inc. and charged Irv were charged with using the film and soundtrack to launder drug money.

But of course 50 Cent doesn’t care for them to join forces again because he has beef with both of them. Wonder if Jamie Foxx will provide some clarity since his name was dropped.