Wu-Tang: An American Saga has captured the attention of Hip-Hop heads with the weekly drops of the series.

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The show stars Ashton Sanders, Shameik Moore, Dave East, Joey Badass, Erika Alexander and more while telling the story of 1990s New York City during the crack epidemic and how the group formed behind the guidance of Bobby Diggs aka The RZA and formulated the sound of East Coast Hip-Hop.

Throughout the series, you will hear the music that is iconic in Hip-Hop and made Wu-Tang one of the most important units in the history of the culture. The inclusion of the music in the show is aided by the hands of the show’s Executive Producer, RZA, himself.


“Wu-Tang captured the energy of youth, when people hear it they discover that, they feel that,” RZA said.

“RZA’s hands are very much in the music, to have his presence and trust in the show was pretty much everything,” said Stephanie Diaz-Matos, Music Supervisor.

RZA also spent time with Sanders who portrays him in the series to show him how to use an SP 1200 and more.

You can learn about the details to create the score for the show below. Be sure to watch Wu-Tang: An America Saga every Wednesday on Hulu.