Before Flavor Flav became known for his dating reality show, he was apart of one of the most iconic Hip Hop groups in history.

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Public enemy’s combination of Hip Hop and politics was revolutionary and made them famous stars. With fame comes money, sex, and drugs. Flav struggled with all of the above and spoke candidly about his substance abuse in an interview with Vlad TV.

“That was one of the worst mistakes that I could’ve really ever made with my life, experimenting with drugs,” Flav admitted. “Let me tell you something, man. Drugs, them sh*ts is real easy to get on, and they’re hard as hell to get off. If I would’ve known that back in those days, then I don’t think I would’ve experimented with it. I got to the point, Vlad, where I was spending like $2,300 to $2,500 dollars per day on coke and crack. Per day. And I did that sh*t for six years straight. Do the math. That’s a lot of money, bro.”


He continued, “I thank God that I’m still living today and to be able to talk about it. ‘Cause, now I can teach about it. I can teach about the mistakes that I made and hopefully people won’t make the same mistakes. I had a lot of people around me that was supposed to be my friends, but yet, when I would go to the bathroom or something, they would steal my sh*t and I would come back and my pile would be smaller. I thank God for those thieving-ass friends that I had because if it wasn’t for them stealing my sh*t, maybe those could have been the hits that took me out.”

Flavor Flav revealed that he was an addict for 18 years, but has been clean for the past eight and a half years. “I’ve been clean off of coke and crack now for about a good eight-and-a-half years. I still got about ten to go before I can be back to where I was. So right now, to this day, yes, addiction can still set into me. So, that’s why I’m smart enough not to f*ck with that sh*t.”

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