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Dennis Rodman just shared some interesting information about his 1993 romance with Madonna.

The NBA legend appeared on The Breakfast Club and claimed the pop icon offered him $20 million dollars to get her pregnant. “She said, ‘Dennis, you know that I’m ovulating,’” Rodman, 58, recounted the “Material Girl” singer telling him in a phone call. “I said, ‘What is that?’ I was trying to f— with her, you know?”

Rodman says he was gambling in Las Vegas when she summoned him with a jet to hook up with her. So he asked to hold the table and went to handle his business and returned right to the game.


“She asked me that if I got her pregnant, she’d pay me $20 million,” Rodman told the radio trio. “That’s if the child was born.”

He didn’t stop there. Dennis Rodman also speculated that Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes, 22, might have been born as a result of a similar arrangement with her trainer, Carlos Leon.

Madonna has yet to publicly comment on these allegations.