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An Atlanta doctor was confronted by police after a bank worker dialed 911, citing his “suspicious” behavior when he stopped by to open a new account.

The incident took place at United Community Bank. Dr. Anthony Onyegbula was waiting to open an account with his wife. As he spoke outside on the phone with her, the bank teller locked the door and called the police.

WSB-TV obtained a copy of the 911 audio, in which the employee described what she thought was peculiar behavior exhibited by the customer.

“He went to the front door and he’s been on his phone, and, I, um, called from my phone to tell the employees to lock the front door,” she tells the dispatcher. “He’s been on his phone out front, and we have no cars out in the parking lot.


“He’s a walker, so I feel like he’s up to no good,” the employee said.

Onyegbula said he and his wife were at another bank when the police comforted them, that’s when he knew the cops were called on him,

“Here come the same police, came inside the bank, now it’s two of them, and they said they told the manager to clear the room because they wanted to talk to us,” Onyegbula said.

Although no charges were filed, Onyegbula says this incident was racially motivated