There’s a scene in the cult-classic ’90s film Clueless where beloved main character, Cher Horowitz, literally flexes on us all by operating her very own virtual stylist — call it a “digital closet” if you will. Now, almost 25 years later, Facebook is gearing up to introduce a similar artificial intelligence system that could change the way you get dressed in the morning forever.

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Fashion++, Facebook’s digital “style editor” for your everyday wardrobe choices, operates in a way that’s more constructive criticism and less Simon Cowell. According to the official beta website, the program will make minimal edits to your ‘fit and suggest adjustments catered to what’s considered stylish.

Take a look below for an official breakdown of how it works, via Facebook AI:

“The system uses a discriminative fashionability classifier that is trained on thousands of publicly available images of outfits that have been judged to be stylish. These serve as ground truth examples of fashionable outfits, and unfashionable examples are then bootstrapped by swapping garments on the fashionable examples with their least similar counterparts.

Once the classifier is trained, our system gradually updates the outfit in order to make it more fashionable. An image-generation neural network renders the newly adjusted look, using a variational auto-encoder to generate the silhouette and a conditional generative adversarial network (cGAN) to generate the color and pattern. The latent encodings learned by this generator are further used to identify which garments in its inventory will best achieve the style.”

Facebook believes that Fashion++ will change the game of existing digital style guide apps by helping you tweak your existing outfit instead of shopping and spending on more gear. While we believe that everyone should simply rock what they like, it would be cool to step into the next era of fashion tech with something as cool and complimentary as an online personal stylist attached to your social media account.

Read the full report that goes into detail about Facebook Fashion++ by clicking here, but let us know if you’d use a digital stylist at all by sounding off on our Twitter and Facebook!

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