While everyone is placing blame on Tekashi, Joe Budden believes that the media (bloggers in particular) also has a role in his demise. On his Joe Budden Podcast, he pointed out that certain people in the media have cashed in on Tekashi’s antics also.

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“Super sad story. And I feel like a lot of you blogger n*ggas… oh y’all lucky,” Budden rants.

“It is a lot of y’all complicit. That choice that I am talking about making where you have to have a real conversation with your integrity… that’s all around the board.”


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“That same thing that Shotty did to Tekashi… and the same thing that Tekashi did to Shotty… that deal that they had… the numbers are this and this is getting us this… you blogging n*ggas did the same f*cking thing.  Now here y’all go. Y’all still get to report on sh*t. It’s nasty. Like nobody has integrity. That’s why it is super important for n*gga like me to preach integrity.”

“You got to preach it. There is a severe, obvious lack of it in our profession.”

Then he says, “No comment.” Seems like he said it.