Lyft wants to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to navigating the world, and the popular rideshare company is doing so by upgrading its in-app options to accommodate travel options that extend to even public transportation.

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In a clear move to compete directly with Google Maps, the new Lyft options will make it so you can go back and forth between multiple travel options, as seen in the graphic above. Basically, if the train is faster and cheaper than calling a car, that option will appear at the top of the app. There will also be a “single-mode selector” that makes it easier to find the best price for a trip without having to leave out the app. According to The Verge, Lyft is acting on the trend it noticed this past summer that saw one in eight riders using the app choose a bike or scooter in the cities where those modes were made available. The future of travel just keeps getting better and better!

The new Lyft features will start rolling out between now and the next few weeks. Let us know your user experiences by sounding off over on our Facebook and Twitter.