In recent times, any new story with the names Blac Chyna and/or Rob Kardashian linked to it would more than likely include some sort of drama — baby drama, breakup drama and, of course, drama as it relates to reality TV. However, the latest story dealing with these ex-lovebirds — OK, it actually does includes a bit of legal drama, but the two are actually coming out on the positive side for once.

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As FOX 11 Los Angeles reports (seen above), LA Superior Court Judge Robert Draper dismissed a defamation claim filed by Chyna’s former friend (and lover?) Pilot Jones in October 2017. The suit claimed that both reality TV stars bullied him on the Internet by posting pivate information, particularly a text conversation that not only outed him as bisexual but also threatened his life by way of Rob.

Here’s the complete breakdown, by way of FOX 11:

Both Lynne Ciani, a lawyer for Chyna, and attorney Todd Eagan, on behalf of Kardashian, said they will bring motions later to have the remainder of the case against their clients dismissed.

Jones claims Kardashian and Chyna harassed him under the false belief that he had released to the celebrity media in October 2016 a photo of Chyna and the plaintiff kissing when they were a “friendly/close relationship.”

Fearing that he could be harmed, Jones moved from Los Angeles to Louisiana with his family, the lawsuit states.

The complaint alleges Chyna released private information about Jones’ sexual orientation over the Internet. Jones is bisexual.

In his written ruling dismissing the defamation claim against Chyna, the judge said the evidence “supports a conclusion that Chyna believed that the statements that she made on Instagram were true at the time and that she believed Jones’ sexual orientation was already known to the public.”

Judge Draper wasn’t entirely apathetic to Jones’s case, writing that Chyna posting his email and phone number on social media or Rob’s text message threats both weren’t protected activity. For the sake of baby Dream, let’s just hope these two stay out of trouble for good!

Read the full detailed report over on FOX 11, and see a screengrab of the scathing text message over on The Blast.