The Revolt Summit made its way to Atlanta for the September 13 weekend. Diddy and his team took over the South by providing a summit for Black Millenials to write down gems from the panels of different entrepreneurs. The sessions were essential if you are an upcoming artist, content creator, social media influencer, to put in use for their careers. Many stars have invaded the South and spoke real spill in the music industry in that they didn’t know while growing up.

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Here are some gems that you have missed out on that you need to take with you within your career to where you want to go.

On day one there many greats who were in the building, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland were of them. Many fans looking for a producer battle received details from Timbaland that there will be an upcoming beat battle at the next Something In The Water festival in Virginia next year.


When producing, Timbaland loves to compete with himself when he didn’t have the tools like this new generation has this day in age. He always tries to out beat himself by never settling for just standard beats. He also revealed Missy Elliott always challenged him with beats. When Missy would only pick two out of 100 beats, he realized she saw the vision in his music that nobody else did.

Most wants to know if producers can survive without Instagram. Swizz states, “When you get to a certain level, you will be cold. Nobody is hot forever. I manage my expectations and execute plans. We are all meant to be a boss. I am still a student in the game.”

For longevity, managing your expectations, having a plan and educating yourself in the business that you love to be in.

In today’s society, many producers have to know the difference between strictly a producer and beatmaker. You can sit around and make beats all day but producer goes through a process and puts in the work, by recording, engineering and more.

A message from Timbaland is to never fall down and take your gift for granted. In the words of Swizz, “Can you survive without Instagram?”


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That’s the reason #Timbaland and #SwizzBeatz have a 20 year career. #REVOLTSummit @att #dreaminblack

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A necessary topic in today’s industry is Monetizing Your Money On Social Media. The Kings and Queens, who rule this era, are B. Simone, Kway, and Shiggy. These social media influencers were on the panel and discussed how to make money while providing good content and giving people what they want.

B. Simone went viral by the “F Boy video” on Vine. She transitioned to where more content was put on Instagram because most of her followers are on that platform. Kway did a 15-second video on Instagram that opened his career.

B. Simone and KWay state they were aiming to keep their fans happy, we have to post what they like and keep doing it. Most fans don’t like it when its rehearsed because it is not real life. When you keep building revenue, you have to keep building streams of income outside of social media. For example, KWay has four restaurants in different cities called Krab Queens. Many of his fans know the character Titi on the outside to attract people and fans to his restaurant, but once you step foot into the establishment then KWay is what you will get by getting the full experience and providing great service.

If a company is interested in you then you should research the quality of the company and product which is you. When you make content with a big company charge double, but if it is a small business, then work with them by asking what is their budget. The content should be important to get the product out there. When building content, people will come to you.

With anything you do, you should always build a strong and quality team. It is important to have people who believe in you.


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One on One enTRAPreneur talk @revolttv summit… @pauljudge

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Art of EnTRAPreneur With Jeezy

2005, introduced Jeezy to the game with his ability to mix motivation with trap music easily. He keeps striving and believing by taking the gems he learned and touched the hearts of men and women from church. Jeezy defines an urban philosopher as a person whose words of encouragement to do better.

The hood respects Jeezy but took his gems to tell us a better life. He knew he could rap through recession-era. He taught us how to be a businessman around them Texaco days, and he still thinks he is a survivor. With 11 No. 1 albums, you can still be corporate thuggin by having your business as a passion.

Jeezy stated in music you got to have talent! When in the entertainment industry, you can’t just stay boxed in to build your brand. For example, look at Snowman, after so many years it became a brand because nobody hasn’t ever thought it would go this far.

Instead of Jeezy partnering with Avion, he wants to take part in owning the company by building a relationship by turning down money. He also has a fitness water brand as well.

Freddy Figures is his business partner. Jeezy had released his F3 earbuds and translate it to real-time into three different languages. In this business, you got to have clarity.

“The worst thing you can do in business is to compromise your integrity, of who you are, for a check.”

HBCU: Culture Has Transcended

In the representation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, five colleagues were on the panel, who spoke their insights, who changed their lives by the life mistakes and culture that was provided within the community. With some of the panelists, It was a culture shock to them because of where they recently came from, but with the connections, throughout the years they have attended and internships and mentorship that were provided. They considered as a life-changing experience and encourages more to attend.

Pinky, the owner of Slutty Vegan, had transcended a restaurant that was an idea in a dorm room that became a multi-million dollar business.

“It is one of the biggest concepts in the country all thanks to the gems CAU, an HBCU, has taught me along the way,” she said. “As a woman, a black woman, you have to block out the no’s and figure out what is best for you. Recently, I had paid 30 balances for seniors at CAU.”

Flyguydc is a CAU alum, radio host and party promoter. His major was Criminal Justice, which is different from the career path that he is doing now. When he was first booked in Ohio, they had liked the energy out there. Ever since then, he has been getting booked show after show. When he reached out to the radio station of 94.5 for an internship and being a host for the show, he had loved the opportunity.

Gateway Keepers: A&R

You can’t stop if you think one of your tracks isn’t where it is supposed to be. When getting feedback, and we are telling you what needs to be changed then change it. If you want to know why they don’t like it, then ask why. By being rejected, it should always build and mold you.

Help you introduce to other people that you may never work with. For example, 21 Savage and now he is two-time platinum.

Caught up on streaming but can’t sell hard tickets, perform a show or conduct an interview? You have to develop them into an artist. It is a story behind the record. We got to know the story about how you got to be a rapper or artist to gravitate you more.

Diluting the importance of a&r that the value is unspoken. The help of others is necessary by having an artist not doing it on their own but with the help of a team. A good a&r will find yourself if you don’t have good talent by putting you in a room full of producers, songwriters and etc. to make it work.

Art of Independence

CEO moves freely while making people step up and wear a lot of hats. By being independent, you have to own your masters, being self-sufficient and make your own decisions. When networking with other artists and producers, you shouldn’t ask for pictures but instead, go to the manager for their contact information.

YBN Cordae had started from the bottom with his career and soaked up on a lot of interviews like the Breakfast Club and more. You got to study and spend time on the craft to get as much information and tools you need for this industry.

Russ states, “You shouldn’t get paid as the industry standard. I would NOT give a lawyer 5-10% when you doing most of the work.”

You always have to bet on yourself and learn as you go within the industry. The manager is important because they serve in every position in your career. They make sure you are creative with content and keeping up with it.

A few tips for the artists is to relinquish your independence by making an in-home studio instead of buying studio time. Also, don’t drop a project if nobody hasn’t heard of you. Drop one song at a time so people can hear you.

Making of QC Label

Coach K and P are the original founders of the Quality Control record label. They have put 22 years of hard work into the company and energy into their artists. Within the 22 years, they had put energy to expose their brand until it was seen nationwide.

The first group they signed was Migos. Once Migos got word they were signed, the studio was turned into a factory. Quality Control is defined as the last part before it goes out to the fans by making sure everything is complete.

With the artist’s music they make and how they grind, they put free promotion and shows to get their music to expose to fans. There is nothing done differently by having the talent and putting hard work to develop artists from the beginning. They don’t sign a lot but when signing, it is something special in you and want to help bring it out of you.

Control the Streets is a supply and demand but with good music. People can’t tell that they haven’t been putting out music in six months, but the songs are still playing. Lil’ Yachty was a special guest and talked about how Quality was considered family. It is how you build a relationship and how they treat you. You can’t go against your family when those two go hand-in-hand. When “Who Want Smoke” rapper was signed, he knew what his decision and family was with it.

City Girls released their album in November of 2018 and the song “Act Up” bloomed in what many could consider late. “When we were shooting videos and kept playing the track to promote the artists, Cardi B came onto the ‘Twerk’ song, and many were wanting to know who they are and went back to the project. Fast forward this year, one of the hottest out.”

If the project has been out for two years, it is still new to the world. You have to put in the work and figure out a way to grab people’s attention. There are so many ways to get attention for your single. It costs money to get their attention.

A tip to the artists, when getting your music on the radio, you have to pay $200,000. Represent your brand by doing a video to one of your singles. Keep in mind that videos do cost, but if you come across a low visual sometimes it pops. You should always get money and put it behind you to build the artist as a brand.

QC was one decision away from bankruptcy but had stepped out on faith.

Fireside Chat with Diddy and Dia Simms

Dia Simms is President of Combs Enterprise with Diddy. The Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen duo in the industry. She was inspired to be in the hip-hop game by the soundtrack to her lives. She came to dream big and to do it big by taking ownership to be brought down to her their legacy. Simms jumps in when it is the right time when doing above and beyond when it is not the core of her job. By being a black female executive has had its obstacles and challenges. In every room, you can say Dia has been the only one in the room and being judged quick. She made the choice by either going forward or backward in the room.

Diddy gives her challenges every day, and she is grateful for what she is doing. Simms has opened three schools and will have cannabis in the works! Instead of being president, she will be transitioning into becoming partners.


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@BriHarmonNow talks to @MisaHylton, & more about the power of the #REVOLTSummit. @att #dreaminblack ads

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Combs Cartel

The Combs brothers have their own dreams by working hard for it by having family, unity and moving the culture in a positive way by representing the legacy.

King wants to follow the footsteps of his father. So by finding a voice, as an artist, Diddy made King do his research by writing an essay about what he can do to reach the height in this generation to where he is serious about instead of handing everything to him.

After not being a pro football player, Justin found a new found purpose and passion.

Quincy stayed motivated is when you are passionate about something you are not doing it in a season it’s every day. By doing acting, Kim Porter spilled me gems about it by showcasing my true talent. He will be dropping new music that will show a different side and personality.

Follow Her Lead

By helping and challenge each other, to be stronger is a beautiful thing. We are more resilient for black women in the entertainment industry. We have the integrity to carry men’s vulnerability up to success. Young women are running things everywhere and using their voices to make great change everywhere.