Nas received tons of praise for his “greatest-hits-never-heard” compilation album The Lost Tapes 2 when it released back in July, and now the legendary MC is keeping that momentum going with a new music video for the album cut “War Against Love.”

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With Jason Goldwatch behind the wheel as director and editor, Nas spits a story that’s realistic, in some instances poignant, and ultimately serves to let us know what really matters when it comes to the world we live in today. Images of poverty, nuclear explosions, the harsh side of the Civil Rights movement and even Agent Orange himself are superimposed with images of blooming flowers, Martin Luther King Jr., birds in flight and beautiful imagery overall — he literally highlights both the good and bad of society as the three-and-a-half minute clip plays out. Underneath it all, Nas can be seen spitting the lyrics to the song with a stoic expression, showing neither grief nor optimism for the images playing before his eyes. In short, it’s a truly impressive body of work that will sit with you well beyond the abrupt ending.

Watch the music video for “War Against Love” by Nas above, and listen to The Lost Tapes 2 courtesy of Mass Appeal Records and Def Jam on all streaming platforms now.