The anniversary of Mac Miller’s fatal overdose was just a few weeks ago. Timely enough so was the arrest of Mac’s alleged dealer of fraudulent oxy pills, Cameron James Pettit.

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New developments reported by TMZ  show that the police have arrested another man in connection with Mac Miller’s over-dose, Ryan Reavis.  He’s is currently in police custody after the FBI and DEA obtained a search warrant for his possible involvement in Mac Miller’s death.

Upon searching the 36-year-old’s home in Lake Havasu City police found drugs, both prescription and marijuana.  Police also found and confiscated several firearms including a 9 MM pistol, a homemade firearm suppressor (aka silencer), two shotguns and additional ammunition.


Along with all of the guns and ammo, police found an MD’s Rx prescription pad which may or may not been used to write and fill unauthorized and illegal prescription pills.

Ryan Reavis is currently in police custody and being booked on drug charges, gun charges, and fraud.  His bail is set at $50,000.