With all the talk surrounding the impeachment of Donald Trump recently, one factor that many must understand as a primary one is, well, who is fit enough to replace him?

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Enter Elizabeth Warren, an American politician, former law school professor, US Senator from Massachusetts and quite possibly the Democrats’ best bet at beating Trump in the 2020 Election.


As the LA Times reports, Senator Warren has just taken the lead in the Democratic presidential race in California, making her the current top choice for the party’s nomination. The LA Times even went as far as conducting a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll to get the information, which shows Warren’s base of support has widened enough to separate herself from the competition.

Here’s a closer look into what this all means, via the LA Times:

““We appear to be at an inflection point in the Democratic presidential campaign,” said Mark DiCamillo, the director of the Berkeley IGS poll. “The changing voting preferences of California Democrats may be a harbinger of things to come elsewhere across the country.”

As Warren has risen, her two closest rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, have remained stuck in place. The poll finds the two essentially tied for second, with Biden at 20% and Sanders at 19%, both only slightly different from their positions in June. California Sen. Kamala Harris has slipped to a distant fourth, at 8%.”

Factors like number of delegates — California will have the largest at next summer’s Democratic nominating convention — in addition to diversity as well — Dem voters in Cali reflect the party’s ethnic and racial diversity nationwide — are the key points that make this such an important feat. The polls ultimately prove that her only other real adversary is Joe Biden, maybe even Bernie Sanders by a short.

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