Singer K Michelle went on The Morning Culture on Atlanta’s V-103 and expressed her thoughts on men, dating, and relationships. She said she doesn’t see any good men out there anymore like her grandad who raised 8 children after her grandma passed. She says she doesn’t think men are good people because they can do things they consider small like cheating and do it anyway knowing the hurt it causes.

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She continues, “Women can be doctors, lawyers but they in the bed crying over what a man did to them…I’m looking at all these men cheating and bringing down these women.You giving em AIDS, you killing em, I look at men and I have an anger for them…”

She revealed she has a TV show coming out about women looking to remove silicone from their body animist are in their situations because of a man.


I love all my beautiful sisters but as a black woman who has dated and traveled, it saddens me to think women believe they have no other options. My opinion is if you believe all men are the same it says a lot about you ladies. Quit dating the same type of man over and over and most importantly, ‘Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated’.

We wish K.Michelle the best of luck. Check out her interview below!