Joe Budden knows his battle rap.

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Yet the other day, when he hosted living legend Loaded Lux on his Joe Budden Podcast, things got a little spicy when the group started talking about which battle they would like to see.  Lux mentioned that he wants to see Mook and Hollow, who tends to be on many people’s Mt. Rushmore list .

Lux mentioned another name that people tend to dub with that honor: Hollow Da Don, Murda Mook, and then said Charlie Clips.


Joe cracks up in his smart-ass way, “Clips can’t go up there. I don’t know what you are talking about.  There is no way in God’s green earth can Clips can go on the Mt. Rushmore of Battle Rap.”

After some jokes about Lux’s battle against the Wild N’ Out star, where he said, “See I knew this n*gga before y’all. This n*gga’s a cornball.” Budden chimed in with, “You know Clips don’t go on no f*cking Mt. Rushmore. He was hot for a year and a half, and then fell off. That’s a fact.”

He continues, “How do you put him on before Pat Stay?”

Charlie Clips heard this… and responded by listing all of the vets (and Mt. Rushmore candidates) that he bodied and “got up out of here.” He also challenged the “Pump It Up” emcee, to actually battle him. “How about we both just get in the f*cking ring. Since you think that I fell off and don’t deserve to be in the Mt. Rushmore… I bet you they carve my face right up there after I do what i to do to you.”

He ends it with this, “We both don’t need to battle. I am on tv. You are on tv… sometimes.”

Continuing with the Harlem fire, “But I have felt like this in a while, now I want to battle. So if you want to see me the old Charlie Clips, get in the f*cking ring.”

Check out below and see if Clips actually makes an argument regarding his career.

Regarding Joe’s comment regarding Pat Stay belonging on the Mt. Rushmore before him, Clips said, “I beat Pat Stay. Even he said it.”