Whether he’s bringing LGBTQ narratives to Hip-Hop through his music videos or changing the game altogether with his Camp Flog Gnaw festival, Tyler, The Creator definitely knows how to get his names in headlines. However, his latest attention-grabbing act may have went a little overboard and been a complete fabrication to begin with.

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Earlier today, Tyler went on Twitter (seen above) and announced that he was on American Airlines’ “no fly terrorist list,” even following up to ask the question “WHAT THE HELL DID I DO” in all caps. However, as we all know the eclectic rapper can be the ultimate troll at times, his tweet may have been one big joke simply to get his followers riled up. American Airlines first replied soon after he posted with the following:

Afterwards, the long-running airline company headed over to The FADER to make a full statement on the whole ordeal. Take a look below to read what they had to say officially:

“American does not have a terrorism watch list. That list is controlled by the FBI,” a spokesperson said. “But since Tyler, The Creator, is flying with us today and is currently on one of our flights, the tweet is not accurate.”

— American Airlines, via The FADER

While we understand that Tyler is the absolute jokester — we love the guy for that! — terrorist jokes in reference to airlines probably should be left on the cutting room floor, especially when the 18th anniversary of 9/11 occurred just a few weeks ago.

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