Cardi B will be a guest on Angie Martinez’s new show, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, and she shares a story of sexual harassment by a magazine’s photographer.

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“I will never forget how I went to shoot for this magazine and the photographer, he was trying to get close to me like, ‘Yeah, you want to get in this magazine?’ Then he pulled his dick out,” Cardi said. “I was so fucking mad, and it’s just like, ‘This is crazy.'”

Cardi revealed that concluded the shoot and she even spoke to the owner of the magazine about the encounter, who just brushed it off.


“And you know what’s so crazy? I told the magazine owner and he just looked at me like, ‘So? And?'” Cardi added. “When I see the Me Too movement—there’s girls from the hood I know that went through the same type of treatment, like [they] make you feel like you got to do a certain type of thing for the most bullshit. It happens, really, every day.”

Recently Angie Martinez was a guest on The Breakfast Club where she uncovered this story about The Lox. You will be able to catch more tales from the Hip-Hop book of secrecy on her show on WE tv beginning this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.