Flavor Flav and his daughter, Dazyna Drayton, have an interesting relationship, to say the least.

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The first season of WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop New York is premiering Thursday night and we’re going to get a glimpse of their relationship behind closed doors.

In the teaser below, Dazyna sits down face-to-face with Flav to dissect their distant relationship and share her experience of his being a dead beat dad. “I know I’m all over the place, but I’m still that phone call away,” Flav said. She went on to explain that whenever she does call he doesn’t answer and she would like two-way communication.


“Growing up was hard,” she said. “It was very hard. It was not fun half the time. I had to deal with bullies and fighting. I had bumps and bruises. You not being there and stuff…it was a lot.” She told her dad she was homeless, and during the green screen interview she revealed that she was homeless on more than one occasion. “This n*gga was in Vegas living his life. Living in a nice ass house. That sh*t was hard as f*ck,” she said.

Flavor Flav clearly received the message loud and clear because he was seen wiping tears from his eyes. “Nobody in this world got me. Not you, nobody,” Dazyna stated. “When I’m at my darkest days, I’m by myself.” Check out the moment between father and daughter duo below.