With just one more day until Kanye West’s new album Jesus Is King is set to be released, it now looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the highly-anticipated LP. How long, well, that’s still yet to be determined. Actually, if going off a recent retweet by Kim Kardashian, the album may still be dropping tomorrow.

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Now, here’s the question we think is on the minds of many music heads: who do we believe? Also, we ain’t getting no YEEZY?!


If you scan through KKW’s Twitter right now — you’ll have to navigate through a lot of retweets about her SKIMS line! — you’ll see that she retweeted the post seen above by a user posted yesterday that claims Jesus Is King is two days away. However, Variety reports that a source close to the situation has confirmed that his album will not be dropping this Friday (September 27).

Here’s some more context, via Variety:

“A meeting about the album between West and Def Jam executives recently took place in the rapper’s occasional home base of Wyoming, where he staged a massive event to launch his “Ye” album last year (news of the meeting and the album’s delay was first reported by Hits). West held one of his semi-weekly church-like “Sunday Services” in Wyoming last weekend, which was attended by super-producer Rick Rubin — who came in during the final stages two of West’s last three solo albums, “Yeezus” and “Life of Pablo,” and met with him the month before “Ye” dropped — so his presence suggests that an album is finished.”

The website goes on to described this meeting between the label heads and ‘Ye as a “Come-to-Yeezus” moment for the often-controversial rap superstar. For those not aware, that saying is derived from what’s called a “Come-To-Jesus” moment — that’s when someone sits you down for a brutally-honest-yet-enlightening talk (in this case a “label meeting”) that is meant to resolve any pressing issue(s). The concern here is being assumed that Def Jam wasn’t too keen on Kanye dropping a Christian-themed album. However, isn’t that exactly the type of situation he rapped about 15 years ago on “Jesus Walks,” arguably one of his most successful songs to date? So many questions!

The next 24 hours should definitely be interesting as we all wait to see whether or not Kanye West drops Jesus Is King tomorrow. We’ll be sure to keep you all updated either way.

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