Fam, technology is getting wild out here!

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The latest update to Amazon’s popular voice-controlled digital assistant Alexa will soon include seasoned actor Samuel L. Jackson and his most prized asset: that voice!


Easily recognizable for both its tone, depth and explicitly unfiltered nature quite frankly, Sam Jack’s speaking voice is basically just as iconic as his illustrious career in Hollywood. With that said, it makes perfect sense why Amazon would choose him as the first celebrity rep for Alexa. It’s all accomplished through a neural text-to-speech software which allows Amazon to recreate actual human voices. What makes this so unique is that the service doesn’t rely on prerecorded files; Alexa will be fully able to incorporate “deep learning” techniques that will give you a true-to-life experience while using. Need a weather update? FINE, MOTHERFUCKER! Need to hear the latest headlines? HERE YOU GO, MOTHERFUCKER! We’re clearly being facetious, but there’s definitely some fun to be had with this new star-studded feature.

Amazon will launch more celebrity voice next year, but you’ll be able to upgrade your Alexa device with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice, available as both an explicit and clean version, later this year for $0.99 USD. After 2019, the price will rise to $4.99 USD.