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Malik Yoba is back in the news, but this time not for long.

During a video interview with The Root, Malik Yoba sat across from the journalist and discussed his newfound call to be the voice of the Transexual community. When asked by the journalist why he decided to make the video denouncing bullying towards men who love transexual women while revealing his own love for transwomen, Yoba stated he felt obligated after growing up with them in school.

“I went to school in Manhattan, not too far from here,” Yoba said. “I went to school with all kinds of transwomen, and what people would consider now, gender fluid. I was classmates with Octavia St. Laurent before she transitioned, so I decided that it was time for me to create a video saying why is it ok that we bully each other and record it. During that time I had to reveal that I was against it because I am also attracted to transwomen.”


Although confident, Yoba seemed to be agitated as the interview continued on, often referring back to his initial response to avoid answering questions regarding the allegations that he solicited a minor transgirl for sex when she was as young as 13 years old. When directly asked, Yoba took the time to vaguely deny the allegation before comparing the whistleblow to how a person who identifies as transexual feels about life.

“I would say that the allegation is almost to be expected when you are helping oppressed people, it happened to Gandhi and I’m sure other people during the civil rights era and it makes no sense,” Yoba said. “But honestly going thru that experience I know exactly how a trans person feels regarding their sexuality.”

Things began to really go awry when the host asked Yoba about fans feeling like he used the opportunity to “cover up the allegations,” it was at that point Yoba became indignant before abruptly ending the interview.

“That’s a loaded question,” Yoba said, “We sat for four hours to discuss how this would go and you do this, man f*ck you!”

Watch the fiery interview below.