Justice for the death of Mac Miller has been getting served all month long, which is quite ironic being that the first arrest happened almost one year to the day of his death anniversary. Following the recent arrest of a second man linked to Mac’s fatal overdose, a third has now been charged in connection to the drugs that killed the Swimming rapper in what’s turning out to be one huge drug ring conspiracy.

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TMZ reports that a man by the name of Stephen “Stevie” Walter was arrested this past Monday in LA. Official docs say the first man arrested, Cameron James Pettit, acted as a middle man between Walter and Mac (real name Malcolm James McCormick). There’s also a text message convo between Mac and Pettit that pretty much puts it all out there in clear text.

Read the transcript of their text convo below, via TMZ:

McCormick [Mac Miller]: “Yoooo”
Pettit: “Yoo what’s up”
McCormick: “did you hear back bout addy?”
Pettit: “Nah I couldn’t find any”
McCormick: “All good. You don’t have lean do u?”
McCormick: “percs?”
Pettit: “I got some dilaudid 2s but that’s about it”
Pettit: “I could get yellows and blues though”
McCormick: “blues as far as percs?”
Pettit: “Yeah 30s”
McCormick: “Those are my shitttts man”
McCormick: “When can u get em?”
Pettit: “Probably in an hour or 2”
Pettit: “They are 30 ea”
McCormick: “any chance I could get 10 of those 10 bars and a ball?”
Pettit: “Yeah forsure”
McCormick: “I will get back when I’m about to pick them up”

Cops believe that, following the exchange above, Pettit got in contact with Walter on September 5 to complete Mac’s transaction. Walter then sent a runner, the second man arrested, en route to Pettit with the drugs, which were then delivered to Mac. The celebrated rapper was found dead two days later on September 7.

On top of drugs being, you know, illegal, the pills that Walter sold Mac specifically were allegedly counterfeit oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl. The men involved are currently in police custody.

Head over to TMZ for a full breakdown of that fateful exchange and the events that followed. We’ll continue to keep you all updated as more details on this case come forth. R.I.P. forever, Mac…