What you don’t want to ever want to do is play with the Microphone Fiend and his gift. But that is exactly what MC Serch did when he went on Vlad TV last year and said that Lyor Cohen, then the lead manager at Rush Management, asked him to write some lyrics for Rakim. Rakim needed a ghostwriter? Well, that is exactly what Serch contends.

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MC Serch says to Vlad, “… With writing the lyrics for Rakim… I got a call from Lyor. He was managing us. And he was basically like look ‘Rakim has a bit of writers’ block. I know you are cool with Eric B. Could you write some lyrics and maybe get him jump started.”

“So Rakim (even to this day) is the ‘Greatest Emcee’ of all times.” he declares. “So it is a tremendous honor to be asked to write anything for Rakim… to write a word for Rakim… yet alone a song.”


He continues, “So it was easy for me to get into his mind-frame.”  That what did the Queens lyricist see in his mind-frame?

“I saw him in my head with Supreme and with his crew: Them stepping to the A.M.” he reveals. “I was yeah. Them stepping to the A.M. that’s dope.” But Eric B did not think it was dope.

Serch tells the story of how Eric B hung up on him after he heard the idea that he wrote something for the god emcee. Somehow he (and we assume Lyor) thought this was a good idea. The result was Eric B never spoke to Serch again.

Ain’t with Rakim’s new book, Sweat the Technique, being released Rakim has finally addressed this ghostwriting controversy at SiriusXM radio.

The interviewer sets up the question.

MC Serch went on someone’s platform and said that he wrote something for you. And you were like ‘what?’ Was that true?”

Rakim smoothly addressed it. “He said he wrote something?”

“I don’t even know if it got to me.”

“Yeah he said that you needed some help. Ra needed help.”

That kind of did it and is actually why Sweat the Technique is an important book to cop. Why? Cause people always sweating the man’s technique.

Ra’s whole being shifted from the otherwise cool and calm collected vet that have grown to know, and showed to the people why he ‘Ain’t No Joke!”

“I mean no disrespect to my man Serch. But I will knock my man the f*ck out if he is trying to say that he wrote something or that I needed some help. Don’t throw no bullsh*t in the game 40 years later. Serch I love you but I will knock you the f*ck out, f*cking up my legacy. Don’t do that. Never.”

Hopefully, this was all a misunderstanding on management’s part and there is no love lost between the two parties.

When asked on Twitter who is his favorite rapper of all times, Serch still contends: Rakim.