There was a crazy story a few years ago that you all might remember where a teenager calling himself “Dr. Love” posed as a doctor and was actually treating patients, going to the length of conning them out of medical payments for tens of thousands of dollars. He was eventually caught and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, but it looks like he’s officially been released from incarceration after serving almost a year behind bars.

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According to NBC News, Malachi Love-Robinson was released this past Monday (September 23) with time served — he served more than a year prior to his official sentencing. Love is accused of illegally practicing medicine out of a West Palm Beach office, even treating an undercover officer. He also has prior charges that he was hit with separately, including examining an older woman then defrauding her out of $35,000 USD. There was also another instance where he served a year behind bars in Virginia for giving false information as he was trying to buy a car. Also — this kid is a busy one! — he was caught posing as a doctor in 2015 (we think it might be this story) but thankfully didn’t treat anyone and was simply playing dress-up.

We’re glad that now-22-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson can move on past this and find some normalcy in life. However, do you think his “Dr. Love” days are over? Sound off with your thoughts over on our Facebook and Twitter!

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