Artist Hebru Brantley is a staple to the creative scene of Chicago. The southside product wears the hat of a sculptor, painter and visual artist that has allowed his work to be seen across the city in the form of street art or in art installations.

One of the milestones of his career was being a part of the Artisan Series hosted by Bombay Sapphire in 2012. That accomplishment has fostered a relationship that has stood until the day.

Brantley was on hand with a host of additional Bombay creators and influencers as they experienced Bombay Sapphire through their fives senses, all in the hope of “Stir Creativity.”

During the night Brantley spoke with The SOURCE about creating, the importance of experiences coming to Chicago, upcoming projects and more.

The Source: What about Bombay Sapphire over the years that has impressed you when it comes to art?

Hebru Brantley: I’ve always admired Bombay’s intense support of the arts and giving the opportunity to aspiring artists that are trying to take their practice to the next level and then giving them a platform to do that. I had the opportunity to be connected to a brand when I participated in their Artisan Series years ago, so to work with the brand on a partnership in 2019-2020, feels like a full-circle moment.

How impactful do you feel was the appeal to one’s senses when experiencing this Bombay event?

The Bombay Sapphire #StirCreativity event in Chicago was dope. I really enjoyed the experience particularly because it has broken the story of Bombay by isolating the senses to give you a better understanding of how all those elements and ingredients work together to give you the final product. As artists, our work behaves similarly, sometimes a piece needs to be separated into fragments so that you can experience the nuances in the smaller pieces before you see the big picture.

How vital is it for brands to come to Chicago for these types of experiences as well as partner with creatives like yourself?

It is very important that we continue to get experiences like these for Chicago. Who doesn’t need events that put a focus on passion and endorsing creativity? As a native of Chicago, I can attest to how the exposure to these events and brands helps keep the arts community alive and connected to the people in this great city.

Aside from Bombay, what do you use to #StirCreativity when you are getting ready to create?

I’ve always believed that creativity comes from everywhere. It comes from conversations with interesting people. It comes from the words and images we absorb through books, movies, and media. I pull my creativity and inspiration from my day-to-day experiences. My work is very much rooted in themes that are related and accessible to everyday people because I pull from everywhere.

Today, with the various creative outlets available, what are some of your sources of inspiration?

Popular culture is so prevalent in our society, it’s almost impossible not to be inspired by other creative. Like many people, I often find inspiration in TV, films, books, music. I feel there is power in the collective creativity of all people. We all draw from each other, and we all have our unique perspectives on how we interpret the world around us,

With your Nevermore Park coming this Fall, what excites you most about the project?

Being allowed to present my vision. That’s the thing with any artist, it started as a nugget of an idea. And now has expanded into this world, it’s something real now. The biggest relief is getting it out of my head and letting it live. I’m very fortunate in that way, where a lot of artists aren’t able to present their vision in totality, in a way they completely wanted and without compromise.

As we approach the fourth quarter of this year, what have been some banner moments that happened for you in 2019?

Moving into television and film have been some of the biggest highlights this year. Expanding into other mediums was a goal and I’m happy to say I sold my first film and signed a TV deal with Sony, so I’m excited to close out this year strong and for what’s on the horizon in 2020.

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