As we still await for Kanye West’s delayed-yet-highly-anticipated new album Jesus Is King to drop — should be today, folks! — it now appears that we can also expect an accompanying documentary to premiere in theaters.

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As Pitchfork reports it, Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film will hit IMAX theaters in roughly a month’s time. A few lucky fans and local press got the opportunity to preview both the film and album in Detroit on Friday, which boasts a surprise Clipse reunion as Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive detailed on his Twitter (seen above). Details are brief, but the synopsis given so far describes the film as a “making of”-style doc that will see ‘Ye and a team of musicians navigating the Roden Crater; the new installation, located at Arizona’s Painted Desert by artist James Turrell, also serves as the artwork used on the theatrical poster and/or album cover seen here. However this all turns out, let’s just hope it falls in line with what we expect from Yeezy: good music!

Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Film is scheduled to arrive at IMAX theaters on Friday, October 25. The album Jesus Is King will (hopefully!) be dropping later today.