The life of sports icon Mike Tyson has been filled with many ups and downs, but he’s actually one of the handful of former troubled stars who’s been able to turn his life around and public perception for the better. Then again, when you can comfortably blow it down with the Rastafarian community in Antigua, there’s really no denying that you’re a pretty cool person overall.

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As you can see in the video above originally posted by The Blast, Tyson finds no problem blending in with the locals during a recent trip to the West Indies to meet with the Prime Minister. Even though a smoke break was clearly on the agenda, he was actually there on official business; Tyson is currently signing a huge deal that will increase tourism in the country, in addition to helping with the relationship between the Rastafari people and the government.

The toke immediately gives Tyson the giggles, but overall he handles it like, well, what you’d expect from a former undisputed world heavyweight champion boxer. It all stems back to his Tyson Ranch cannabis company as well, which he plans on expanding to the area in the near future as The Blast also reports. In short, our boy is definitely with the smoke!

Watch the video of Mike Tyson getting lifted with the Rastafarians above, and read the full story over on The Blast for a set of beautiful imagery of his time in Antigua and a breakdown of his meeting with the Prime Minister in general.