If there’s one person who some of Hip-Hop’s most legendary MCs would trust with their secrets stories to the game, it’d 100% be Angie Martinez. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the first episode of her new WE tv series Untold Stories Of Hip Hop would give us more than a few crazy quotables, particularly from Snoop Dogg’s segment where he broke down 2Pac’s close encounter with Nas at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Taking us back to a tough era where East Coast/West Coast beef was at its peak, Snoop gives a powerful breakdown of the whole ordeal from an interesting point of view. He speaks on what it felt like being in the uneasy place of showing support for his West Coast fam while still keeping cool with the East Coast homies that were friends before things turned for the worse.

It starts with Angie reminiscing on her classic interview with 2Pac from 1996, where she only was able to air 12 minutes of a two-hour interview. She tries to find Pac backstage during the VMAs to apologize and from there the run-in commences. Snoop fills in with the first-person view, giving a word-by-word description of how the conversation went. It’s definitely worth the full watch, but in short Snoop remembers 2Pac discussing a diss record aimed at Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas and other New York rappers, and Nas just brushing it off as friendly competition and daps him up before parting ways. Due to his non-violent response, Pac sees it as him “punking” Esco. Snoop on the other hand sees it as him giving them a pass since his entourage outnumbered theirs both in people and, well, other things. It’s a tough topic for Angie, too — her interview at the time was the moment that soured Snoop’s relationship with Pac and Suge due to his on-air verbal support for the East Coast.

Here’s one quote that sums things up the best from the interview, via WE tv:

“We all used to hang out. I love Biggie and I love Pac — and both of them love me. So, how I look saying [expletive] Biggie because I’m with Pac? We was on the same s**t! They rapping the same s**t we rapping; we got the same struggle and same hustle. Why the f**k we can’t get along? Why we can’t like these n****s?”

— Snoop Dogg, on East Coast West Coast beef

He goes on to show his praise for New York rappers of the time, referring to them as “the Mecca of Hip-Hop.” He explains further that, because his love for them was deeper than whatever was going on at the time, he shouldn’t have been made to choose between sides. Honestly, we agree.

Watch the entire first episode of Angie Martinez’s Untold Stories of Hip Hop over on WEtv.com