Amber Guyger took the stand during the fifth day of her murder trial crying uncontrollably as the defense’s first witness after prosecutors rested their case against the ex-Dallas police officer.

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Amber Guyger is accused of murdering Botham Jean in his own apartment Sept. 6, 2018 as he watched TV in his home eating ice cream. Her defense claims she was distracted by the phone call from a colleague when she mistakenly entered into Jean’s apartment thinking it was her own and that she has been working overtime that day.

Prosecutor Jason Hermus seemed surprised after Guyger broke down on the stand describing being left alone with the man she had just shot as “the scariest thing.”


“I was alone with him, and that’s the scariest thing you can ever imagine,” Guyger said of shooting PwC associate Botham Jean.

He asked a few moments later, “Can you imagine what that man felt?”

Guyger didn’t respond.

Her defense called the shooting a “tragic, but innocent” mistake and has argued she was reasonable in believing Jean was a burglar when she entered his apartment, a floor above hers.

Watch her testimony below.


Check out the prosecutors strong case against Guyger.  Do you think she will be let off?