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Many peeped shorty from her stellar season on Jermaine Dupri’s hit show on Lifetime, The Rap Game. Others know her from her rough and rumble Baltimore accent and even rougher flows on the mic. She is undeniably in possession of one of the most gifted pens of her generations. But still, despite how dope she is, she tends to be a loner.

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Hence, when she dropped her new record DEEvsEVERYBODY over the weekend, the title did not shock anyone. She has built a reputation as a fighter- and this project allows her to wear that sentiment on her sleeve.

Song for song… she brings something that is a most wonderful extension of the blazement that Rhapsody gave earlier this summer.

On her title cut, she approaches the song like she is Mayweather sparring with her lyrical opponents. And her Deebo has the same vibe. She steps to the mic with a crazy interpolation of the classic 90s Bad Boy joint, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” “Who’s hot, who not????”  is a question you don’t have to ask… the answer again is clear.  Continuing with a Bad Boyesque sequencing, she gets in her bag with the club banger “Whoa.”

By the fourth song, “HIGHS and lows!”she shifts her style. It is a needed departure from the tonality of the first three songs.  So far, if you are listening to it from start to finish, it emerges as one of the best songs on the record thus far.

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The fifth song is her first R&B feature, in “GEEKIN!” It is a love song and shows a more mature side of her. It is sweet to hear her so vulnerable. It also as a concept feels perfectly sequenced after “HIGHS and lows” and before the previously released, “All of Me!”  The reason is simple… these three songs are commercial and prove that she has her finger on the pulse of her peers. It is hard… because so many rappers who are lyrical miracles find it hard to find the balance, but so far this project finds the balance.

deetranada has an interlude called “Feelings” that could be a song. It shows maturity and a musicality that shows that the project gets stronger and stronger the further you get in to it. Sure there is a lot of autotune and voiceboxing that distorts her raspy signature voice… but is excusable because she clearly has a POV that needs to be heard – however we get it. Its good.

Her storytelling rhyming skills on “Hoodlums” are exquisite. “Outside” is another bop. It shows that she has a good control over her instrument- combining those aforementioned storytelling with some melody. “PICC a Side” changes the game as it trap sound is a departure from the other type of songs on this album.

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“I Might!” and “Beep Beep!” ride beats and clearly are crafted for the trap club scene. More often than not, the style that deetranda raps on songs like these in over shines her exceptional lyricism. For people who simply want to hear her r.a.p. this might be frustrating.  They also are not the energy as the earlier songs… which is reclaimed with “ATTITUDE!” featuring StarrZ. She holds B-More down with her performance on this rapid paced joint.

The reflective song “ANXIETY!” featuring E. FOSTER could be an anthem for so many folk out there dealing with the pressures of the world and moving through a world where it is difficult to see who is friend or foe. The song is too short… because you want more… but it is just enough so that you appreciate what she is saying. Layered with musical texture, this might be one of the top four songs on the 15 track release. “FLAWS!” featuring E. FOSTER might be one of them also.

In a very Eminem-ish way, she has mastered a way to communicate depression, social angst and self-reflection on this project. It is quality and proves she is on her way to make a name for herself. 

Sounds like the little girl from the TV show is grown up and ready to be seen en par with other femcees that have come before her.

We also send the emerging lyricist a salute for joining us this past August for SOURCE360 where she shines in both Brooklyn and Harlem.  Count in it, deetranada will be a major star, soon come!