The Jesus is King watch party is officially over following news reports that Kanye West has indefinitely delayed the album’s release. However, in a weird twist of events, the original album that we all were expecting in the first place, YANDHI, is available to cop literally right now in the Apple iTunes Store. The only catch is, each song is only available as 26-second-long ringtones.

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Yandhi really on the iTunes Store as ringtones from Kanye


Tracks like “80 Degrees,” “Alien,” “Law Of Attraction,” and the often talked-about “New Body” are just some of the nine tracks available in total. Before you ask, no — this isn’t a fake upload that some Times Square rapper used to get his mixtape heard. Each song clearly sounds like ‘Ye, and even uses the clear album cover artwork that was originally teased when the project was first announced, then delayed, and finally scrapped altogether. No word on how long it will stay up — it’s more than likely an illegal upload — but go hear it now before Apple or Kanye West himself takes it down.

Go listen to Kanye West’s “new” album (?) YANDHI right now (as ringtones!) over in the iTunes Store. Let us know what you think about it over on our Facebook and Twitter!