But Obama’s America was ruining the economy. He was evil. He didn’t know what he was doing. He was making the nation into a welfare state. Well, maybe Stacey Dash will be changing her tune while she sits in jail, and thinks about how her star has falling so swiftly from the sky.

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According to TMZ, Damon Dash’s pretty cousin is a pauper. The site reported that she “filed legal docs claiming she is indigent,” and will have to use a public defender cause she does not have enough money to pay for a lawyer.


It is actually quite tragic, as reported by The Source, over the weekend Dash was arrested on domestic abuse charges. While she claims that she was acting in self-defense, her husband and children say differently. The Clueless star, who declared herself a Republican during the Obama administration (even working at FOX News), will temporarily get the public-paid- attorney that she requested pending charges are filed despite the judge wanting her to show proof that she is broke. He just wants to make sure she is not misrepresenting her financial situation.

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