This has been a tough year for Hip-Hop’s favorite “Hot Topics Queen,” Wendy Williams. It was revealed earlier in 2019, that her husband Kevin cheated on her resulting in a new baby.

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It seemed like everything started to unravel, and that karma was finally catching up with Williams. However, Williams did not go down without a fight. She got her Rocky Balboa on and emerge flyer and classier than ever. After hosting her own personal “Hot Girl Summer,” she is back on her show seemingly free to move it, dip it and do it.

Part of that dipping and doing it is living in her full truth, and saying what the fluck she wants to say. On Wednesday’s episode of her killer talk show, The Wendy Williams show, she finally addresses her husband’s baby mama drama situation. And the shade was just as hilarious as it was funny.


Wendy when talking about the Top Shop heiress and her “Hot Felon” turned model and their break up. The two have a child and listen to how she connects this to her situation.

Wendy says, “I only said this as a joke through ‘Hot Topics,’ you know poke a hole in the condom. And get pregnant. But that backfired on me didn’t it!”

She pauses and takes a sip from her coffee mug with all the “I owned it” sass a true diva could muster in one fit of shade.

“OK now. All’s I’m saying is turnabouts a fair game. I’m a fair game player and a straight shooter too.” pointing her fingers at the camera Wendy gestures, “Pow Pow.”

She ends the bit taking a jab at her soon to be ex hubby and his baby mama,  “She regrets that mess though. Life is not what you think it is behind the scenes. Trust me!”

The audience aka her co-hosts go wild as she imitates taking a leisurely drag from her cigarette.

“Homegirl is mis-e-rable, like ‘Ehhh’ (mimics holding a crying baby in her arms). In the meantime, I’m over here, you know.”

She ends it with one last dig and we are here for it all the way. “That’s what you get!”