Working in retail most of his adolescent years, Brooklyn Native Scott Morris was notorious for calling out of work. Getting hired has never been an issue for Scott, but holding on to the position became challenging. Working retail was easy playing grounds for Scott to network, but also posed as an inconvenience when finding time to work on his craft. Abruptly getting fired from his last two retail jobs, Scott quickly humbled himself and decided that things needed to change. He took all that he had learned working in retail to build his own business. This unforeseen shift in Scott’s life ignited a fire in him that no one would be able to extinguish.

One year later, Scott launched his first event and production company Mor.Bookings Agency to fund his College tour. Shortly after, Scott built his record and management label, Mor.Value Entertainment. Building his personal brand and growing several businesses not only made him more business savvy but, expanded his network further than he could ever imagine. What Scott Morris has tirelessly built over the past couple years is now in high demand. Inspired by Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, JAY-Z, Kanye West and Drake’s blueprint, his company made him one of the go-to executives of the underground music industry in the East Coast.

With all that Scott has built over the past few years, he found a way to also give back to his community by creating the “Scott Morris Foundation” allowing High School Graduates to leave with scholarships. Scott’s fourth company DAZE SUMMIT Festival was then built to generate money for the students. Fat boy, Lil Tecca, Abby Jasmine, Pvnch, and many more big names have all been booked by Scott Morris through his company Mor.Bookings Agency. Those who have encountered Scott would describe him as the plug for rising artist. Scott continues to give rising artist the opportunity to open for their favorite celebrities such as Dababy, Stunna4Vegas, Mulatto, Quando Rondo, YMW melly, Ann Marie, Coi Leray amongst many more.

Scott’s ambition, consistency and hustle carved a whole new lane filled with innovation for future moguls in the making to follow. This man never seizes to amaze us, we look forward to following him on his journey to see what more he has up his sleeves. After all, he made working a retail job not so bad after all.

Instagram @lifeofsmorris