We’ve seen more than our fair share of battle royale showdowns in Hip-Hop, but none have come close to the nonsensical back-and-forth that’s occurred between 50 Cent and Ja Rule over the past two decades.

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As most would let time and aging heal past wounds, it looks like 43-year-old Jeffrey Bruce Atkins and 44-year-old Curtis James Jackson III are dead set on being foes for life. The former MC made sure of that during his recent appearance on the late-night Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.


Sitting next to comedian Amber Ruffin on the show last night (Oct. 6), Ja gave answers to a bunch of interesting topics thrown his way, including that crazy old myth about Ashanti allegedly “ghost-singing” for Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000s and of course his now-infamous Fyre Festival ordeal. Somehow, the convo steered in 50 Cent’s direction, and surprisingly enough Ja Rule did not hold back on how he currently feels about his lifelong rival in rap. After assuring the viewing public that he was “removing himself” from the circus that’s become of their feud thus far, he then goes to name three “nice” things about his foe. As you might guess, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Peep the “three nice things” Ja Rule had to say about 50 Cent on Watch What Happens Live, via Bravo:

“He’s a bad father…He, uh…He got like a big, square-like box head and sh*t…and one more thing. What else can I say nice about him? He looks like his breath stinks all the time. Like, all the time.”

— Ja Rule, on 50 Cent

He then went on to officially deem their relationship as “sworn enemies forever,” even pulling out a classic Cardi B Love & Hip-Hop reference for the final word in that sentence. We’d say this is the last of it, but we’re sure Fif will have something to say in the very, very near future. Round 8,165,234…fight!

We’ll be updating you all on the latest in “50 Cent vs. Ja Rule” soon — you can pretty much count on it.