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President Donald Trump wants everyone to know that he is rich, the “Master of The Deal” and one of the most profitable businessmen that America has ever known. He wants you all to know that! However, since his presidential candidacy, he has refused to ante up his tax returns so that the voting public can see what the deal really is.

He has to this date, not released them. Despite, Auntie Maxine Waters (our distinguished Congresswoman from California) tapping him to do so.

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Well, all of that is about to change. According to The New York Times, on Monday, Oct. 7, a federal judge named Victor Marrero rejected the POTUS’ claim that he (and all presidents for that matter) can’t be investigated for criminal activity. Before you say “duh??!!!!,” and push forward to the next story, there is a reason this is important. Because of this ruling, the Manhattan D.A.’s office  is able to subpoena Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns.

President Trump’s team made an appeal to the court and they agreed to temporarily “block the order.”

Check out the documents as presented by the the New York Times.

Court ruling in Trump v. New York D.A. (PDF, 75 pages, 1.98 MB)

Judge Victor Marrero’s Ruling