Cassidy should no longer boast that he is undefeated.
He should boast that he is a pioneer in popularizing battle rap. (That bar against Goodz last spring about these guys getting popular cause of battle rap, but he made battle rap popular was just fire).
He should boast about his successful five or six years in the industry. (You can’t take away the debut gold album and that “I’m a Hustla” was one of the first ringtones to go platinum.)
He should boast about his current marketing and promotional prowess, but the mythology surrounding his infamous battling record (5001 or better victories) should never again muster in his belly, rise through his esophagus and come out his throat.
It should not, but it will. And despite popular opinion, he is needed for battle rap to go to the next level.
One of the problems with the millennial thought process is to disregard legacy and foundation. The small ten year window that the new cats give credence to often limits their ability to recognize anything that was popping before they were “on” or even alive. Cassidy’s refusal to allow “them” to put him in a washed up box speaks volumes to his tenacity, self-confidence and his roots into a culture that right now spans four different generations.
He screams “FUCK THAT, I AM HERE!” in the face of those pushing him out. He says that to a culture that as much as it is wants to be respected, is closed off to a world that is needed to give them the mainstream respect and bag they so desire. [Ed. Note. That’s a fact!]
URL has genius-ly identified that there is still value in ”The Hustler,” even though it appears that his arrogance, long ass verses that span what seems to be like an hour and an unsportsmanlike Philly crowd might have rattled the SMACK stage with momentary thoughts of regret. Having the  Lock Down card in Philly should have been a home run, particularly with Philly hometown heroes up to bat, but it was not.
But that’s just it. Knowing Philly is more than knowing the difference between Ishkibbles, Jim’s and Genos.
It’s more than the catch phrases of “Nut Ass” or “Jawn” or “Bul (which has no real spelling but a feeling).” If the league would have known Philly a little bit more than the dope emcees from the town, they would have known that the Philly fan is fierce, bleeds green, loves everything about Allen Iverson (transplant), Dr. J (transplant), Will Smith and don’t say nothing about Phyliss Hyman or Teena Marie. The Philly fan would fight you for their jawns, but if they think you drawing (especially if you from Philly or Philly adjacent) they banging on you. Philly be hating on people- no reason necessary- and will cannibalize its own city. Philly be on that sh*t, nahmean. Don’t let them tell you differently, just listen to any Philly rapper talk about Philly… the city in regards to supporting music be sometimey. They will dance to Tuff Crew all day, but will never buy their music. Just consider how NOOOOOObody cared about Dutch from Major Figgas but when Gilly da King and Wallo stepped up, they went crazy.
And while it seemed like Philly was gonna ride w the former Ruff Ryder, Cassidy, they booed him.
But booes do not faze Cassidy. They seem to make him stronger. So what is the finally assessment? Is this definitive loss from Arsonal (please Cass fans don’t gas it) they end for him? NO!!!
As aforementioned, the culture needs him. The energy understands the dynamics of selling the fight. He even adapted a little with performance… to make him seem a little less dated. All he needs is to stop verbally masturbating with them long ass, nut ass rounds and he will be aiight.
The question everyone should be asking is if Tsu Surf still wants to battle him.