Gillie da King, Wallo and Devin have a movement going on. On their podcast, Million Dollaz Worth of Game, which is half talk show and half tomfoolery, they have created a space for controversial conversations to be had in a light and humorous way.

On their most recent episode, they kicked it with celebrity pornstar, PinkyXXX.

Off the back, Gillie shocked everyone by confessing that Pinky has been in a “threesome” with he and his long-time girlfriend, Tootie.  Super popular, the former dancer and popular actress found herself in this sexcapade without even knowing it.

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Gillie shares that he has masturbated while watching the actress many times and has even included his lady in on the action.

“I don’t know how Toot gonna feel about me telling you this, but I threw my monkey in a headlock plenty of times” he says comedically grunting like a primate. He continues, “Me and Toot… done watch plenty of your videos together… right before I glazed her.”

Wallo introduces a different line of thinking, “You mean to tell me that you and Toot had a threesome with Pinky?”

“Yeah, cause I kinda look over… Pinky on the screen…  and I look at Toot. Look at Toot… Look at Pink…”

Wallo egging on, “So Tootie was in agreement with the threesome.”

“Listen, there were a lot of times that we threw something in… yahmean… Pinky on there… after a while Toot loosened up. We used to watch all your joints.”

Wallo says, “So Pinky is a part of y’all relationship?”And Gillie quickly changes the subject placing it back on Wallo, “Wait a minute, you the one that says that you had a relationship with her while you were in jail.”

In the interview, Gillie asked her about women.

“How often do women fake orgasms?”

Pinky replies, “I am sure all the time.”

“All the times?

“No not every single time, but often.”

“But they fake orgasms more than they actually cum?”

She nods yes. After some conversations, they determine that there is a difference between the industry and also one’s personal life.

“Did you just tell me that Tootie be faking?”

Pinky sweetly replies, “No… I don’t know.”

“…So you would say in real life and relationships that women fake orgasms like maybe 70% of the time.”

Pinky deads it with this comment, “I would say 60/40.”

Check out the full interview below: