According to the CBS Dallas affiliate DFW News, Dallas Police have made an arrest in the Joshua Brown murder case that happened over the weekend.

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One source says that a man suspected in Brown’s murder has been identified as as Jacquerious Mitchell has been admitted into and treated at the Parkland Hospital. In addition to him, there are two fugitives (Thaddeous Charles Green and Michael Diaz Mitchell) on the lamb, who police believe have already left the state.  The belief is that Thaddeous Green shot Brown in the back.

All of them would be charged with capital murder.


While no one is certain,  Assistant Chief Avery Moore said the murder was over a drug deal gone bad.

During a press conference, the Dallas police expressed regret that some people believed that the murder was directly connected to the case. They believe that the by pointing the nab on this suspect and working to bring in the others, that will put an end to the idea that his murder was retaliation for his testimony in the Amber Guyer case, where he talked about the brutal death of Botham Jean.