Casanova visited The Hot 97 Morning Show and opened up about rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine

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The Brooklyn rapper discusses how he almost lost it all beefing with the hottest rapper in the world. He speaks on the guys on trial with 6ix9ine, how New York City turned against him and how Tekashi 6ix9ine seemed to blow up overnight.

“I don’t care what he doing, who he doing it with, before he went to jail we was cool. I feel like every single person in the United States turned they back on me especially in New York.  My music went from playing every second to ‘Set Tripping’ not even playing.”


“All those niggas that’s with him, I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They went the wrong route to begin with, I did the right thing.”

“The day we met up it could have went left.  I would have been under the jail. I would have been finished. Done.  Thats how I know its meant for me to succeed Im blessed, I believe it now.”

“He took trolling to a whole nother level, but at the end of the day when I spoke to him he was like Cas, I don’t even know you…he was speaking proper English, and I said this is really a little kid.”

“I was on parole, you know how crazy that is? You see what Meek talking about? They can lock you up for anything.”

Check out the full interview below, fast forward to 24:40 to hear the Tekashi conversation.