Cyn Santana appeared on Tiffany’s Pollard show Brunch with Tiffany and talked about her broken engagement to rapper-turned-podcaster Joe Budden revealing she left the relationship. The reality TV star Cyn Santana, who had a very public relationship with the executive producer of State of the Culture says she broke off the engagement and is happier since leaving the relationship.

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We didn’t decide on anything. I did what was best for my mental health, for my peace, and for me and my son.

Basically, let’s just say that I’m probably the happiest that I’ve ever been and that was probably the best decision I’ve made in my entire life in the 26-years I’ve been living on this earth.


“The best decision I made was leaving that relationship. And my son and I are amazing.”

Now that she’s single she’s also shooting her shot to the single men out there, “I like being wined and dined,” she said when talking about what she wants in a man with Tiffany “New York” Pollard on her Brunch with Tiffany show. “I love talking. I love getting into people. I’m a foodie, you’ve got to feed me. That’s happening.”

Watch the full interview below!