Celebrities have been receiving slack from protestors for wearing fur for years.

Mostly animal rights activists, the protestors are known to throw paint at entertainers and influencers who stunt in skins. Ask J-Lo. They got her. Ask Kimye… the both of them… Protestors have gotten to them. But it is very clear… you can’t mess with Brooklyn.

Lil’ Kim while in New York City, surely promoting her new Junior Mafia project, was attacked by a few anti-fur protestors. According to a TMZ video, they were shouting at the pint-size diva, “Stop wearing fur!” The one of them is seen in the video moving aggressively towards the Queen Bee.


And in the spirit of all things “Notorious,” Kim walked right up to her and told her to “Back up.”

She didn’t shout. She didn’t flinch. She just had that cool Brooklyn stare that basically said, “Don’t mess with Brooklyn.”