Battle rap was on the big stage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards on Tuesday as North Carolina born rapper T-Top took on DNA in a live rap battle for $25,000. Later on, T-Top revealed that while he was getting the look of a lifetime, his grandfather had passed away.

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“While I was on the awards tonight my grandfather took his last breaths, hope I made you proud king,” Top wrote on Twitter following the awards show. The Smack/URL battler received many well wishes from fans via social media.


Battle rap was a major highlight of the Hip-Hop awards and although T-Top didn’t win the $25,000, he did receive a lot of praise for the bars he spit on stage, some fans even felt as though he was robbed in the battle.

“No cameras because the feds like to hold that image/so tell T.I. my trap museum ain’t have no Kodak’s in it,” Top spit in his battle with DNA. Top also participated in a BET cypher giving himself the maximum exposure he could get on BET’s platform Tuesday night.

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